Since February 2019, posts to Incrementum, the parenting blog of Mary and Andrew, are locked. Trusted subscribers will receive email links to the posts to unlock them.

If we know you, sign up here to receive email links to unlock future Incrementum posts.

Remember to click on the confirmation email you will receive to finish signing up!

If you have trouble signing up, please email us and we can add you.


Why change to email-only?

At the children’s request, we’re limiting the audience for Incrementum to trusted readers whom we know.

What are the rules?

Don’t forward the emails or otherwise let other people read the entries please. If others are interested in reading Incrementum, point them at the list signup page so they can get them directly.

What counts as “you knowing me”?

No promises, but you’re welcome to request subscription if you’re friends, family, or acquaintances, including knowing us mostly/entirely online or not having been in touch for a while.

If we’re unlikely to recognise your name/email address, email us and let us know what name we know you as.

You’re unlikely to be approved if the relationship is one-way (as in, you’ve been reading the blog or following our social media, but have seldom/never interacted with us). Feel free to email us and ask if you’re unsure.

Can I read older posts?

You’ll get links to posts up to 30 days old in your email. Beyond that, no. Even when recent entries were completely unlocked, the full history was locked after a while.


Your email address will be available to Mary and Andrew and their email service provider (currently themselves but subject to change), and will be used for distributing Incrementum entries (blog-style, usual max 1 per day) and occasional updates to Incrementum itself (<1 per year) .

No solicitations/advertisements will be sent to your address based on your sign up here. No unrelated writing (eg, entries from other blogs) will be sent to your address based on your sign up here.

Your email will not be shared with other parties unless required by law.